4 Ways to Customize Your Affiliate Portal

The affiliate portal plays an important part in an affiliate marketing program. The portal is used by people to sign up for the affiliate program. It is also used to provide potential affiliates with information. Customizing the affiliate portal is a great way of getting more affiliates to enroll in your program.

An affiliate portal can have multiple pages such as a landing page or a signup page. These pages can be used to provide useful information about the affiliate program to potential affiliates. Information such as commission rates, payment cycles can be provided using these pages.

Here we take a look at 4 ways that you can use to customize your affiliate portal.

Make a landing page for your affiliate portal

Having a landing for your affiliate portal can make a huge difference. The landing page provides your affiliate program with a separate identity from your store. It can also be used to provide useful information to potential affiliates about the program. The page can include information such as commission rates or payout cycles.

URL of the affiliate portal

When you make use of an affiliate marketing service to set up your program, the affiliate portal by default will be hosted on the domain of the third-party service. It is good practice to change the URL of your affiliate portal to a subdomain of your store. This gives your affiliate program a more professional look and also helps in building brand confidence.

Language of the affiliate portal

Setting the language of your affiliate portal plays an important part in affiliate recruitment. You can choose to set the language of your affiliate portal depending upon your location or region. Many affiliate marketing services also provide an option to set the language of the affiliate portal according to an affiliate's location automatically. By providing different language options to affiliates, you can expand into newer markets and reach a wider audience.

Customizing the look of your affiliate portal

Your affiliate portal needs to look good to make an impression on people visiting it. You can customize your affiliate portal by changing the color scheme so that the portal looks more in line with your brand, you can add media files such as pictures or a video to the landing page. You can also change the font of the portal, add footer or header links to your portal. It is good practice to keep your affiliate portal's look similar to your store so it looks like an extension of your brand.

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