Affiliate Commissions, how do they work ?

Commissions are a way to decide how much do you want to credit your affiliates for the sale made through their referral link. They can be setup in the commission page in the app. The two different types of commissions are

  1. Default Commissions

  2. Specific Commissions

Default Commissions

They are used for all products and affiliates (except those mentioned in specific commissions). For eg. If you have setup 10% as your default commission, this means if a affiliate refers a customer and he buys products worth $50, the affiliate will get 10% of $50 = $5 as the commission

Specific Commissions

Now let us say that there is a product (Product X) where your margins are low. So for that product it makes sense that your affiliate is given less commission than the default (10% as in example above). So you may want to setup specific commission for this product only (lets say 5%).

Now if a referred customer makes a purchase like this


Product Price


Affiliate Commission

Product A




Product B




Product X



5% of $100 = $5





Another use case of specific commission is when you have an affiliate where you want to give higher commission. This can also be setup using specific commission. You just have to select Any Product and The partner name while setting up the specific commission

How are commissions applied ?

Commissions are applied on product price only. (Shipping/Taxes/Discounts are excluded from calculating it)