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Commissions are an important part of affiliate marketing, it is the money that affiliates earn when they share or recommend your products and their followers purchase the product from your store website using the referral link. This earns the affiliate a commission on the sale.

Affiliate marketing works on this merchant-affiliate partnership, it is a win-win situation, since the sale of products increases benefiting the merchant and the affiliate as he earns a small commission on the sale made.

Commissions Tab

Default Commission:

It is the commission that applies to all products and affiliates, by default it is set to 5%, it can be changed by clicking on Change and changing the percentage/flat rate to a value to want.

Default Commission

Product Commission:

You can set different commission rates for different products or affiliates, this helps in setting up different commission rates for different categories of products, as some products may be of a higher or lower value their commission rates can be increased or reduced. The table shows the products, affiliates, commission set for them and actions.

Product Commissions

For setting up a new product commission you can click on New Product Commission and search for the product or partner/affiliate and set the percentage/flat-rate. You can also activate bulk mode (Premium). Click Save to save the changes you made.

Create Product Commission

Collection Commission:

It is the type of Commission that can be set for a collection of selected products, this is very useful for setting commissions on products that can be marketed together under a theme. The table showcases the collection of products, affiliates commission rate set for the collection and actions.

Collection Commissions

Fixed Commissions:

This is the commission that regardless of the affiliate referral, the affiliate set to the sale will also get the commission. It is useful in creating partnerships with affiliates who want to work with a particular category of product or service.

Fixed Commissions

You can also set the commission, by clicking on New Fixed Commission, where you can select the product, partner/affiliate and set the percentage/flat-rate for sales.

Set Fixed Product Commissions

You can also activate bulk mode (Premium). Click on Save to save the changes you made.

Commission Tab

Commission tab can be used to set and view commissions, you can change commission rates and used different types of commissions for products and affiliates.