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Coupons are an amazing way to extend discounts to customers, with coupons or promo codes, it is great for first-time customers who look to test your brand before paying full price. These types of deals incentivize consumers to make a first-time purchase.

Coupons are particularly useful when they are shared by your affiliates on social media platforms such as Instagram or Youtube.

According to market research company A. C. Nielson Co. 60 percent of consumers actively search for coupons and 95 percent of consumers look at coupons favorably.

Not only do coupons help in bringing in new customers, but they also encourage former customers to make purchases and help in selling more expensive products.

Coupons Tab

In the Coupons tab, on your admin page, you will see Coupon Based Commissions, this is to give affiliates coupons for a non-referral based promotion. These coupons assigned to affiliates, when used by customers to purchase products earn the affiliate a commission aswell.

The table shows Affiliates, Coupons assigned to affiliates and actions.

Assign Coupon to Affiliates

To assign a coupon to an affiliate, click on Assign coupon to affiliate, here you can select the partner/affiliate and assign a coupon code to the affiliate. You need to create the coupon code in your shop as well, so it works when used.

Assign Coupon to Affiliates

Click on Save to save your changes.

Automatic Coupons

Automatic Coupons

Automatic Coupons can be used to generate coupons for every registered affiliate automatically, here you can choose multiple affiliates and assign them coupons.

You can generate coupons by clicking on Create for existing affiliates

Generate Coupons

Here you can choose the affiliates and generate coupons that will be assigned to them.

You can further change the discount that a coupon gives, by default it is set to 10%, it can be changed by clicking on Change or can otherwise be Disabled

Setup Automatic Coupons

Here you can set the discount value of the coupons that will be generated for your affiliates, you can choose percentage/flat-rate and the value of the discount.

Additionally, you can are given options for limiting the coupon to one use per customer and limiting the number of times a coupon code can be used. You can check the boxes and set the number of times a coupon code can be used with value.

Advanced Options

For more advanced control, click on the Advanced option, this opens up options that let you set minimum order value under, under which the coupon code will not be applied.

Also, you can limit coupon code discounts to products, since you might not want coupons to be applied to newer products or collections. Click on Submit to apply the changes you made.

Automatic Coupon Style

In the Coupon Style option, you can choose the style in which the coupons are generated.

The coupon style option lets to set the style of the coupons in words that make it easy for both the affiliates to share and customers to use.

In the Automatic Coupons section, click on Change Style.

In the Automatic Coupons Style window, you will be provided with an option to change the style of the coupon code and some examples of the coupon code style will also be listed down below.

Automatic Coupon Style

GoAffPro lets you set the style of your coupon codes:

You can choose the coupon codes style you prefer, this will automatically generate codes of the style you chose for your affiliates. There are four types of coupon code styles you can choose from:

  • Affiliate's Name: Here the coupon code gets generated according to the affiliate's name.

  • Affiliate's Instagram Handle: Here the coupon code gets generated according to the affiliate's Instagram handle.

  • Random Letters: In this coupon code style, the code that gets generated, will comprise of random letters.

  • Random Dictionary Words: In this style, the coupon code will be made up of random words.

Coupon Code Styles

The Affiliate's Name coupon code style is quite popular among influencers. This helps them promote their branding among their followers. This gives the coupon codes that are generated for the affiliates a more personalized touch. This also translates into better a merchant-affiliate relationship.

To save the changes you made, click on OK.

Coupons Tab

Make changes to coupon settings only if you are sure about the changes you want to make or contact us in the Contact Section.