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The Multi-Level tab shows multi-level marketing tools and options. In affiliate marketing, multi level marketing is a great tool, in this affiliates can have sub-affiliates and when a visitor purchases a product using the sub-affiliate referral, then both the affiliate and sub-affiliate will earn a commission. on it.

Since sub-affiliates are lower down the affiliate level, so the commission they earn will be lesser than that of the affiliates.

Multi Level Tab

When you enable Multi-Level Marketing, then your affiliates can have sub-affiliates. To view your network of affiliates and sub-affiliates, click on See Geneology (Full Network). This will show you a network of the level of affiliate you have registered in your affiliate campaign.


Levels and Commissions

Here you can set levels of affiliates, sub-affiliates, and commission for each level of the affiliate. This helps in keeping suitable commission rates for affiliates of different levels.

Levels and Commissions

To change the commission rate for affiliates click on Change, where you can select the number of levels of an affiliates you want.

This will allow you to set the commission rates for each level of affiliate.

It is advised to set commission rates of affiliates and sub-affiliates carefully since both will be taking a payout of the purchase made from the sub affiliate's referral.


To test out multi-level marketing you can use the playground and learn more about it. Click on Open Playground


Here you can set parameters and see how a network of affiliates and sub-affiliates would work, you can set the number of affiliates in a chain, who out of the affiliate referred the sale, set the calculation method to simple or dynamic and set the commission for the sale.

On the right of the options, you will see a complete network that will give you an idea of how the network of multi-level marketing would work.



Here you have some more options to configure your MLM network, you can choose to show sponsor on account creation, set the Level Calculation Method to either Dynamic or Simple and option to apply level commission even when sale commission is nil.

Multi-Level Marketing tab

For more information or help regarding Multi-Level Marketing, you can contact us in the Contact section.