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Payouts tab shows you the money that you have paid or are yet to pay to the affiliates for their referrals. You can also view the history of payouts you have made to affiliates in the past.

Payouts Tab

The Pending Payments tab shows you the payment you are yet to make to affiliates who have made successful referrals. You can filter the pending payments by affiliates, a total of pending payments on top of the table and the table showing the name of the affiliate, amount to be paid to the affiliate, payment details for the affiliate and actions.

You can also download the pending payments data, in addition to this, you can make the process of payment in a bulk.

Bulk Process for Payment

Payment History

The Payment History tab shows you the history of payments you have to affiliates in the past. You can search for payments made to particular affiliates and search for payments made during specific periods.

There is also a total of payment that has been made till now above the table.

Payment History

The table shows data such as the date of the payment, the name of the affiliate who was paid, the amount that was paid to the affiliate, payment details used for paying the affiliate and actions.

Payouts Tab

It is advised to keep your payouts in order and regular, to maintain a healthy relationship with affiliates and for a successful affiliate campaign.