Quick Email

GoAffPro Admin Page > Quick Email

Quick Email tab, can be used to send emails to your affiliates, this is a useful feature that you can use to communicate with your affiliates.

You can use this to communicate about various subjects with your affiliates, such as changes to the store, changes in affiliate commissions, store sales, and discounts, affiliate performance, etc. Quick email can also be used to send instructions and alerts to affiliates.

Quick Email Tab

You can send emails to your affiliates, by clicking on Compose Email. This opens up options to select the affiliates who will be receiving the email, writing the subject of the email and finally writing the body of the email.

Compose Email

After writing the email, you can preview it by clicking on Preview Message and then sending the email by clicking on Send.

Quick Email is a powerful tool, that has been integrated into your admin page. This gives you the convenience of sending emails without opening an email client.