GoAffPro Admin Page > Settings > Branding

Branding Tab in the settings can be used to change branding options, such as store logo, font, language, etc for the affiliate portal.

Branding Tab

Store Logo, lets you set a logo for your website store, this helps in the marketing of your brand and affiliate promotions. The store logo you set will then be shown on affiliate portal and emails.

Store Logo

Brand Primary Color

Brand Primary Color, can be used to set the color for your store's buttons and header image. You can set a color that works well with your store logo and design.

Brand Primary Color

Affiliate Portal Language

In Affiliate Portal Language, you can choose the language for the affiliate portal. There is also an option to set the language automatically based on the affiliate's location.

Affiliate Portal Language

If your preferred language is not listed, you can contact us at [email protected]

Affiliate Portal

Affiliate Portal option lets you customize the layout and style of your affiliate portal. You have the option to customize the Landing Page, Signup Page and Affiliate's Dashboard.

Affiliate Portal

You can edit the Signup Page, by clicking on Edit Page, this will let you choose between Classic, Slim and Modern layout for your Signup Page.

Choose Signup Page Style

Users with free membership have the option to edit the default Slim Layout of their Signup page, by choosing the signup fields you want to show up on the Signup page for your affiliates.

Edit Signup Page

You can customize the affiliate's dashboard by clicking on Edit Page, here you can add custom pages to the affiliate's dashboard, have widgets, analytics and also change the color scheme of the dashboard.

Customize Affiliate's Dashboard

Brand Font

Brand Font, lets you change the font of the affiliate portal, the font you set will override the default font of the affiliate portal.

Brand Font

Post Checkout Popup

Post Checkout Popup, is a popup that will appear after customers checkout on the order status page. This is useful in letting your customers know of the affiliate program you are running.

Post Checkout Popup

To set up the Post Checkout Popup, click on Setup, this will let you choose a page style of your choice.

Post Checkout Popup Page Style

Users with free membership can customize the Basic page style.

You can customize Basic Popup, by uploading a popup image, choosing the URL that will open when the popup is clicked and choose if the URL will open up in the same or a new tab.

Legal is an option that can be used for changing/modifying/rewriting/setting legal policies for your affiliates. These are the legal documents for your affiliates.

Comprehensive privacy policy and terms of service are already installed on your affiliate portal.


By changing/modifying/rewriting/setting legal policies, you are explicitly waiving off any legal liability on

Editing of Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy is only available for premium members