GoAffPro Admin Page > Settings > General

The General Tab in settings can be used to change and customize some basic options for your affiliate campaign.

General tab

Store Profile

In-Store Profile you can change the name of your store by clicking on Change and editing the store name. You can also select the Store Currency that you want to use for your store.

Store Profile

Affiliate Portal

In Affiliate Portal, you can change the URL of the affiliate portal, this gives your affiliate campaign a more professional look. This also helps in promoting your brand.

Affiliate Portal

You can change the URL of the affiliate portal by clicking on Change and selecting the type of Subdomain you want, you can select either a GoAffPro Subdomain or your store's Subdomain and then keep the Custom domain name of your choice.

Changing Affiliate Portal URL

To save the changes you made, click on Submit.

Affiliate Registrations

In the Affiliate Registrations, you can manage options for registrations of affiliates.

Affiliate Registrations

Here, you have an option to allow registrations of affiliates, from either the affiliate portal page or a public registration page.

You also have an option to Auto Approve Registrations, if not enabled, then you can manually approve pending affiliate registrations. You also get an option to show an Account Pending Message to a newly registered affiliate (with pending approval) when they login into the affiliate portal.

Auto Approve Registrations


In the Sales setting, you have multiple options to edit options for sales/orders that have been made by affiliate referrals.


In Commission Calculation,

  • You have the option to either include or exclude the total discount in the Order that will then be used to calculate the commission of the affiliate after deduction/without deduction.

  • You also have the option to include or exclude the shipping and taxes, which will then be used to calculate the commission of the affiliate after deduction/without deduction.

In Disable Commission for Self Referral option:

  • If Enabled the affiliate will still receive the commission for the sale when using their own referral link to buy the product.

In giving Commission only for new customers option:

  • When Enabled, the commission will only be given to the affiliate for every new customer that uses their referral link to purchase a product on your store

  • When Disabled, commission will be given to the affiliate regardless of the customer being old or new.

The Verify Automatically option automatically updates the affiliate sales, which then reflects the current order status.

Verify Automatically

Site Stripe

Site Stripe is a stripe with quick actions that help the affiliates for quick sharing of products.

Site Stripe

Shopping-with Toolbar

Shopping-with Toolbar can be enabled to show the affiliate's name to the customers (whose referral link has been used by the customer to visit the store).

Shopping-with Toolbar

You can customize the Shopping-with Toolbar by clicking on Customize.

Customize Shopping-with Toolbar

Here you have the option to change the content that is shown in the toolbar, change the alignment of the text and change the background as well as the text colour. To save the changes to make click on OK.

A cookie is used to identify a user and save site information for the user. Cookie help in customizing and preparing the web page for a user.

Cookie Duration

In the Cookie Duration option, you can choose the time period for an affiliate tracking cookie after which the cookie will expire. You can choose to keep it for a number of days or for a number of hours.

As long as the customer is using the same browser and has not cleared their cookies, the Affiliate will earn the commission when that customer makes a purchase.

Signup Bonus

Signup Bonus is an option that is used to give affiliates a bonus, as a token when they create and register their affiliate accounts.

Signup Bonus

This is a useful tool to bring in number of affiliates by giving them a financial incentive to join your affiliate campaign.

If you have any queries, suggestions or issues regarding the General Settings. You can contact us using the Contact Section.