Card Group

The Card Group section is used to show information on your affiliate program such as the benefits of becoming an affiliate, affiliates advertising and promoting products to their followers, and earning a commission on every sale that is made using their affiliate referral.

Here you have three sections, you can choose the thumbnail you want to display in each section, you can edit the text that will be displayed in each section and also chooses the URLs that will open up pages for more information.

By default, the first section displays information on how easy it is to join the affiliate program, highlighting that it is free to become an affiliate. Below that, a link is provided that leads to the Create Account page.

In the second section, your affiliate program is described in detail, telling potential affiliates that they have the freedom to choose the product they want to promote and highlighting the tools that will help the affiliate in promoting the product on different social media platforms. A link is provided below, that will highlight the tools that will be offered to the affiliates to help them in promoting and marketing.

The third section describes the commission that the affiliates will earn when their referral is used by customers to make purchases in your store. The link below will open up a detailed description of the Product Commission, which are commissions that an affiliate will earn when their referral is used to purchase that product.

To make changes to the Card Group section, you can upload the thumbnail of your choice, you can edit the heading text and the body of the card. To save the changes you made, click on Save.

In the Landing page, the changes will appear as shown below.

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