Custom Domain Setup

Set up the affiliate portal under your own domain/subdomain.
Custom Domain Setup

You can set up custom domain for your affiliate portal, this makes your affiliate program look more professional. This also helps in promoting your brand.

When you install the GoAffPro app, your shop's affiliate portal is setup as per your store's name. For Example: If your store's name is Hello World, then your affiliate portal will be set up at

You can change this to from the admin dashboard (in Settings) If however you would like to set it under (i.e. under your own domain) you need to do the following

Set up a custom domain for your affiliate portal

Open Settings in the App. Select General tab and click on change in the Affiliate Portal section.

You can set the affiliate portal domain to be Subdomain of GoAffPro or your shop.

Subdomain of GoAffPro

Subdomain of GoAffPro

Subdomain of your Shop

Subdomain of your shop

Now create a new CNAME record at your DNS registrar for your domain with the following values

Name or Host

Value or Points To


Different domain registrars have different ways of setting up Domain CNAME records. You can find instructions to add a CNAME record at the domain registar's website.

If you are not comfortable changing DNS setting for your domain, please get in touch with customer support. Our support team will guide you through the entire process.