How affiliate coupons work with the GoAffPro app

In affiliate marketing, coupons are an effective tool to convert visitors into customers. They help in bringing new customers, and therefore, help in expanding your reach. Using coupons can encourage first-time customers to make a purchase, who may be hesitant to buy products at full price.

On social media, it is common to see influencers selling or promoting products. In most cases, they will share a coupon code, that their followers can use to purchase the product. When their coupon code is used by customers to make a purchase, the influencer earns a commission on those sales.

Why use coupon codes?

Coupon codes have become an essential part of brand marketing strategy. Their effectiveness in driving sales and boosting customer engagement has made them an indispensable tool for businesses. They are now an indispensable part of a brand's marketing, and here are some stats to prove it.

  • In 2022, around 770 million coupons were redeemed worldwide - Coupons In The News

  • The global mobile coupons market was valued at $509.7 billion in 2022 and is projected to reach $1.6 trillion by 2030 - Research And Markets

  • The total value of redeemed digital coupons was projected to surpass $91 billion by 2022 - Juniper Research

  • Coupons influenced 86% of consumers to try new products - Valassis report

GoAffPro helps you set up and assign coupons to your affiliates, who can then use them to promote your products.

How do coupons work in your affiliate program?

GoAffPro makes it easy for you to set up coupon codes for affiliates in your program:

  • You can assign coupons to your affiliates (this process can be automated using the automatic coupons feature).

  • Affiliates share their coupon code with customers. When customers will make a purchase using the affiliate's coupon, they will get a discount.

  • This sale will get recorded by GoAffPro automatically and will be attributed to the affiliate. The affiliate will earn a commission on it.

GoAffPro provides you with two ways to create coupons in your program:

  1. Assign coupons to affiliates

  2. Automatic coupons

Assign coupons to affiliates

GoAffPro offers you the option to assign coupons to affiliates, which they can share with their followers and earn a commission, whenever a sale takes place with it.

To assign a coupon to an affiliate, you can click on Assign coupon to affiliate (in the Coupons tab). Now, choose the "Use existing store coupon" option. Next, select the affiliate, enter the coupon code you want to assign them, and submit it.

You need to manually create the coupon in your store so that when a customer makes a purchase using the coupon, it works fine at the checkout.

pageAssign Custom Coupons

Example: Here you have an affiliate Kate, who has a sizeable following on Instagram. You can assign a code INSTA15 to Kate, which she can use to promote your products to her followers on Instagram. This coupon provides a 15% discount on the total purchase to the customer. Any sale that is made using this coupon code will earn Kate a commission.

Automatic Coupons

Our app also provides you with the option to set up and enable the automatic coupons option. It automatically creates coupon codes for your affiliates when they register in your program.

You can set the value and type of the coupons. After this, whenever any affiliate registers in your program, a coupon will get generated for them automatically.

pageAutomatically Generate Coupons for Affiliates

Setup usage limits for coupon codes:

  • Limit to one use per customer: The coupon code assigned to the affiliate can only be used once per customer. If the customer tries to use the coupon again, it will not work for them.

  • Limit the number of times this discount can be used in total: It lets you set the total number of times the coupon code can be used in total. Once the limit is reached, the coupon will stop working for everyone.

  • Give discount to new customers only: It limits affiliate coupon usage to new customers only. Once the customer uses an affiliate's coupon, they will not be able to use any other affiliate's code.

  • Minimum Order Value: It is the minimum cart value that needs to be met before the coupon can be applied to avail of the discount. Set a minimum order value to avoid losing money on low-priced products with additional shipping costs. It ensures that the order is profitable.

  • Limit discounts to products/collections: This option lets you limit the discounts provided by coupon codes to specific products or collections in your store. It is useful if you don't want the coupons to work on certain products in your store.

With this, you can easily set up coupon codes for your affiliates to promote your products more effectively.

You can check out instructions on how to use the coupons tab below:


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