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In affiliate marketing, coupons are an effective tool used to convert visitors into customers. They help in bringing new customers, and therefore, help in expanding your reach. It is also useful in bringing over first-time customers who are apprehensive to buy products in your store at a full price, so coupons provide them a financial incentive to buy products at a discounted price.
On social media, it is common to see influencers selling or promoting products. In most cases, they will share a coupon code, that their followers can then use to purchase the product. These coupon codes when used by these followers will earn the influencer commission over the sales that are made.

GoAffPro helps you set up and assign coupons to your affiliates, who can then use them to promote your products.

According to data compiled by Invespcro,
Coupon usage has been increasing rapidly worldwide, with over a billion people making use of coupons.

Automatic Coupons

The data also suggests that smartphone users are more inclined to make their product purchases using coupons. It also said that 68% of customers believe that coupons also build brand awareness and increase customer loyalty. With more than 77% of consumers spending more than anticipated when redemption of coupons, translates to good business.

How do coupons work in your affiliate program?

GoAffPro makes your job easy by making the setup process of coupon codes in your affiliate program simple.
  • You assign coupon codes to your affiliates (you can make this process automatic where your affiliates will be issued coupons automatically).
  • When this coupon is shared by your affiliates with their followers, these followers go to your store and make a purchase using the affiliate's coupon code.
  • This coupon code will provide the customer with a discount (at the discount rate which you have set). The affiliate will also earn a commission over this sale. as their coupon code was used.

GoAffPro provides you with two types of coupons:

  1. 1.
    Assign Coupons to Affiliates
  2. 2.
    Automatic Coupons

Assigning Coupons to Affiliates

GoAffPro offers you the option to assign coupons to affiliates, which they can then share with their followers and earn a commission over it whenever a sale takes place.
For Example, to assign a coupon to an affiliate, you click on Assign coupon to partner (in the Coupons tab). Here you can select the affiliate, then enter the coupon code you want to assign them.
You need to set up the coupons you assign to your affiliates in your store so that when a customer purchases a product in your store, the coupon code does work.
Here you have an affiliate Kate, who has a good following over on Instagram, so you can assign a code to Kate of INSTA15, which she can then use to promote your products to her followers on Instagram. This coupon code provides a 15% discount over the total purchase to the customer. Any sale that is made using this coupon code will earn Kate a commission.
Coupon assigned

Automatic Coupons

GoAffPro also provides you with an option to set up automatic coupons. It automatically creates coupon codes for your affiliates as they register for your affiliate program.
Automatic Coupons
You can set the value of the discount that a coupon will carry, after this whenever any affiliate registers, they will be assigned a coupon code.

Additionally, you also have options to set up usage limits for coupon codes:

Limit to one use per customer

The coupon code assigned to the affiliate can only be used once per customer. If a customer tries to use this coupon code, to order again, the coupon code will not work. This is useful in bringing over new customers to your store, where they can use the coupon code to purchase their first order, after which they will have to purchase the product in your store at the full price.
For example, since coupon codes do eat into your margins and are flat-out discounts that you are providing to first-time customers, you have an option to limit the use of a coupon code to one per customer.

Limit the number of times this discount can be used in total

This option lets you set the total number of times a coupon code assigned to an affiliate can be used. This is helpful when you want a customer to purchase multiple products from your store over time, this helps potential customers purchase more products.
For example, in the case of influencers who share coupon codes assigned to them with thousands of their followers, it is useful in setting up an appropriate number of uses for a coupon code. Since the coupon code will be used by many of the followers to make purchases, it can be assigned a larger limit to accommodate several purchases. This helps in bringing a higher number of customers to your store to make a purchase.

Minimum Order Value

It is the minimum cart value that needs to be met before the coupon can get applied to avail of the discount. Setting up a minimum value is useful, since you may have products that are low in price (usually shipping costs get added to them or are included in their price). It is, therefore, useful to set a minimum order value accordingly.
For example, setting up a minimum order value is useful, when discount codes can be applied to products that are priced low, then shipping makes them a loss for you, so you can set up a minimum order value, this will also lead to higher-value sales.

Limit discounts to products

This option lets you limit the discounts provided by coupon codes to specific products in your store. This is an option that can be used to limit coupon codes on products that are older or have to be cleared from your inventory. Generally, newer products are exempted from coupon code usage.
For example, limiting the use of coupons to products, lets you limit the usage of coupons to specific products, you can keep products such as newer collections coming in as exempt from the discount codes.

In this way, you can easily set up coupon codes for your affiliates to promote your products more effectively.

You can check out instructions on how to use the coupons tab below:
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GoAffPro helps you set up and assign coupons to your affiliates, who can then use them to promote your products.
How do coupons work in your affiliate program?
Assigning Coupons to Affiliates
Automatic Coupons
Additionally, you also have options to set up usage limits for coupon codes: