What is GoAffPro

GoAffPro is the easiest way to set up an affiliate program for your e-commerce website.

What is an Affiliate Program?

An Affiliate program is a type of marketing that you can use to market your products, it involves "Affiliates" who will share the products of your store with their followers on social media platforms or blogs.‌
Affiliate Marketing
In return, when one of the customers uses the affiliate link (given to every affiliate) to purchase a product on your website, the affiliate earns a small commission on it.
Affiliate Marketing helps in increasing the sale of your products. It is responsible for 30% of sales for online businesses.

Who are Affiliates & What's in it for them?

  • Affiliates are influencers, they are people with a large following on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.
  • They share and recommend products from your store to their followers, in return, they get a small commission.
This helps in increasing the sale of your products and reaching a wider audience, it is a much more efficient and organic way of marketing than conventional ads.‌

Why go for affiliate marketing?

  • It's a win-win for both the merchant and the affiliate, the merchant makes a greater profit by selling more products and affiliates earn a commission on every customer they bring in.
  • Affiliate marketing is done by almost all e-commerce websites, including bigger players like Amazon, eBay, Ali Express, Flipkart, etc.
  • It is one of the most cost-effective ways to market your products, increase sales, and reach out to a wider audience.
Business Insider says affiliate marketing accounts for 15% of the total digital media industry’s revenue.
"With the incoming AI technologies and voice search trends picking up, they have become the biggest affiliate marketing trends of 2019" - Entrepreneur

Why go for GoAffPro?

It is simply, the easiest way of setting up an affiliate program for your website, it offers great features, high customization, and is easy to use.‌
  • It gives you greater control over affiliates, you can set up commission rates, create discount coupons, see statistics such as sales, payouts, top partners, etc, and much more.
  • It provides a great interface for affiliates, showing them statistics such as earnings, referrals, provides referral links for different social media platforms, etc.

When you install the App on your website:

  • A GoAffPro Admin Dashboard is set up in your website's admin area.
  • An Affiliate tracking script gets installed on your website that tracks the visitor who comes to your website using the affiliate link.
  • An Affiliate Portal for which you are provided with a link is where you can register affiliates.
GoAffPro sets up all of the above automatically when you install the app on your website.

What gets set up when you install GoAffPro on your website?

  1. 1.
    GoAffPro Admin Page
  2. 2.
    Affiliate Tracking Script
  3. 3.
    Affiliate Portal

GoAffPro Admin Page

This gets installed on the website's admin page, it allows you to view statistics, make changes to the product commissions, set up coupon-based commissions, analytics regarding the affiliate campaigns, sales, payout details, etc. You can use these features to maximize your growth.

Affiliate Tracking Script

The tracking script is automatically installed on your website. It tracks the visitor that comes to your website using the referral link of the affiliate. The script tracks the visitor throughout their visit. When the visitor makes a purchase, the commission for the sale is then credited to the affiliate.

Affiliate Portal

This is the portal used to register affiliates, here the affiliates after registration can view their referrals, sales, earnings, etc. Every affiliate is provided with a unique referral link to share, which they can share with their followers, the referral link directs the visitor to your website or a product on your website.

GoAffPro is your one-stop solution for Affiliate Marketing, it provides the industry-best features to you, in an easy-to-use interface.

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