What is GoAffPro

Goaffpro integrates with your ecommerce store and creates a custom branded affiliate portal for your shop

To understand more about goaffpro app, first you need to understand concepts behind affiliate marketing. If you already know about it, you can skip this section

What is affiliate/influencer marketing ?

Affiliate marketing or Influencer marketing, is the branch of marketing where other people promote your store or products in exchange of commissions on sale of products.

Who are these affiliates/influencers ?

They are people with a large following. Be it the bloggers, instagrammers, youtubers, they are the people who are read or watched by hundreds of your potential customers. A promotion by them can boost your sales.

What do they get in return ?

They are given a commission on sale of your products. For eg. you can decide to give them 10% on every order. So if a customer referred by them purchases $100 worth of stuff, the affiliate will get 10% of $100 = $10 as sale commission.

How do I know if which customer is referred by the affiliate ?

This is where the goaffpro app comes in. It tracks the sales and attributes them to the proper affiliate.

How does the app work ?

When you install the app on your store, the following things happen

  1. A branded affiliate portal is created for your shop and you are provided with a link

  2. An affiliate tracking script is installed on your store.

  3. An goaffpro admin dashboard is setup in your store admin area

Each of these 3 components have let you run an efficient affiliate program.

The branded affiliate portal

This is where your affiliates register, see their earnings stats, payments, and create the referral links for your store products. Every affiliate that registers on the portal is given a unique referral link of your store to share with their followers. The link when clicked, brings the visitors to your store.

The affiliate tracking script

The tracking script is installed on your store. Whenever any visitor comes to your store from the referral link of your affiliates, the script tracks the visitor for its entire visit. If the visitor buys something for your store, the commission for that sale is credited to the affiliate who sent the visitor.

The admin dashboard

This is installed on your store's admin area and allows you to change product commissions, customize the affiliate portal, give coupons to affiliates, make payments, view analytics regarding your program, tweak settings to maximise your growth and various other things.

To Summarize

You setup affiliate commissions using the admin dashboard, your affiliate register on the affiliate portal and are given a unique referral link. The visitors they refer are tracked with the tracking script and if they buy something, the affiliate is credited with the commission (as setup in the admin dashboard)