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Bulk Mail
Send emails to your affiliates
Using the Bulk Mail feature, you can send emails to your affiliates for the sales or payouts that take place. It also allows you to send the affiliates, updates about your store, changes in the affiliate program, incoming sales, or weekly newsletters.
Quick Email lets you stay in constant communication with your affiliates, this forms better loyalty and improves affiliate performance.

How to use GoAffPro's Quick Email feature?

Open Bulk Mail tab in GoAffPro admin panel
Bulk Mail tab
Click on Compose Email
Select the affiliate(s) from the drop-down option, fill in the subject, and the body of the email.
  • Click Preview Message to preview the email you wrote.
  • Then click Send Message to send it to your affiliates.
Affiliates can be sent tips and suggestions for promotions on products, or information on creative media that you have uploaded for promotional use. They can be also be notified about their performance using this feature.
Bulk Mail is a premium feature and requires a premium subscription. To upgrade click here.
Last modified 8mo ago