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Is the GoAffPro app free?

Yes, GoAffPro does not charge you any money on the free plan. The app is completely free to use.
You also have the option to upgrade your membership to premium, where you unlock additional features such as Multi-Level Marketing, Bulk Mail, Advanced customization options for the affiliate portal pages, and many more.

Can I use my domain for the affiliate portal?

Yes, you can set up the affiliate portal under your shop's subdomain. This is a process that is only recommended for advanced users, so we recommend getting in touch with our support team to help you with the process.

Check out our guide on how to set up a custom domain:

Why is my custom affiliate portal not loading up?

After you change the URL of the affiliate portal in the Look and Feel > Store Profile > Affiliate Portal section, by selecting the "Subdomain of your shop" option and set a custom domain name.
You must create a new CNAME record in your domain provider's dashboard, using the Name, Value, and TTL that is generated after you enter your custom domain name.
You can also follow our guide on how to set up the CNAME record for different domain registrars:

How do I enroll in affiliates/influencers?

To recruit affiliates for your program, you need to promote your affiliate program on your social media (Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) and your store's homepage (using a footer/header menu link or a post-checkout popup).
By spreading the word about your affiliate program and highlighting the benefits of becoming an affiliate in your store program, you will see people showing interest in it.

Check out our guide on how to set up a Post Checkout Popup for your store:

You can set the cookie duration by going to Settings > General > Cookie Duration section. Here you can set the expiration date for the affiliate tracking cookie.

How do I change the affiliate portal language?

To change the affiliate portal language, go to Look and Feel > Store Profile. The currently supported languages are:
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Greek
  • Hebrew
  • Hungarian
  • Italian
  • Turkish
  • Norwegian
  • Portuguese
  • Polish
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Vietnamese
  • Arabic
  • Dutch
  • Japanese
  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Chinese (Traditional)
  • Korean
  • Finnish
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • Romanian
  • Thai
  • Lithuanian
  • Malay
You also have the option to automatically set the language of the affiliate portal based on the affiliate's location.
You can also edit specific translations, to make it easier for your affiliates to understand the affiliate portal. If your language is not listed, you can contact us at [email protected].

How are commissions calculated?

The commissions are calculated on the product price. Shipping/Taxes/Coupon discounts are excluded from the commission calculation.

Why do we do this?

  • It is the industry standard practice of calculating commission.
  • It creates a more transparent affiliate program, your affiliates get what they see (i.e. on your shop they see a $100 article and if you are offering a 10% commission on its sale, they are sure they'll get $10 for its referral).
  • Shipping/Taxes/Coupon discounts vary for different countries/states/locations. Therefore incorporating this would incur a great accounting overhead.

How do I pay my affiliates?

You have two options to pay your affiliates:

  1. 1.
    You can either pay the affiliate yourselves (i.e. outside the app) and then mark the payment as completed (Mark Paid button) on the Payouts Page.
  2. 2.
    You can integrate PayPal Payouts (Settings > Integrations tab) and then pay them from the PayPal Payouts page in the app. This method adds an extra 25 cents per transaction fee (from PayPal).

Why I am seeing less commission getting calculated for my affiliates?

If the commission of affiliates is getting calculated lesser than the commission rate that has been set, this is most likely because of the commission calculation settings that have been set in Settings > General > Sales.

Check out our guide on how to set up the commission calculation settings:

You can also check the commission calculation adjustments in the order summary by going to Sales > All Sales > Click on an order number to open its order summary.

Why are referral sales not getting tracked on my store?

The issue of referral sales not getting tracked can arise if you are using a third-party checkout or a custom payment gateway in your store. We recommend that you connect with us at [email protected] to get assistance regarding this.

You have two options:

  1. 1.
    You can add the link to your affiliate portal in either the header or the footer menu of your store.
  2. 2.
    You can create a custom page with your program details and link your affiliate portal through it.
Check out our guide on how to add the link to your affiliate portal in the store:

My test sales are not giving the intended results

It is recommended that you make the test sale in the private/incognito tab of your browser. This is so that any previously saved cookies don't affect the test. It also gives you the perspective of how a customer would be making a purchase when they visit your store for the first time.
If you still aren't getting the intended results as per your setup, you can connect with us at [email protected]

I want to migrate my affiliate program to another store

If you are planning on migrating your affiliate program to another store, contact our team at [email protected]. They will assist you in migrating your affiliate program with all of its data to the new store.

How do I upgrade to the premium plan?

To upgrade your GoAffPro subscription, you can go to the Upgrade tab in the GoAffPro admin panel and click on Start Free Trial. You will start with a 15-day free trial and be charged only when the trial period ends.
In case you are having issues while upgrading or if you want to downgrade your plan from premium to free, you can contact our team at [email protected]