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Getting Started for Affiliates
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Quick Setup
Get started with your affiliate program in a few easy steps
Quick Setup

Quick Setup

The app comes with default settings and can be used as-is, we highly recommend you go through the basic set up. There are 3 steps to it,
  1. 1.
    Decide and set up how much commission you want to give your affiliates.
  2. 2.
    Let your site visitors know you have an affiliate program.
  3. 3.
    Promote your affiliate program over your brand's Facebook page or Instagram feed.

Setting up commissions on your products

By default, the app sets up a 10% commission on all your products. This means that when your customer makes a purchase using an affiliate's referral, they get 10% of the order value. To change the commission rate,
In the GoAffPro admin panel, select the Commissions option in the sidebar.
Commissions Tab
In the Default Commission, click on the Change option at the bottom of the commission value.
Default Commissions
Input your new commission and click on the Save button.
Click on Save to save changes

Letting your site visitors know you have an affiliate program

You can take multiple approaches to let your visitors be aware of your affiliate program. Below we will describe two methods.
  • Menu Link in Header or Footer Menu
  • Custom Page with your program details
Having a link in your shop's header (top) or footer (bottom) menu allows for quick access to the affiliate program to your site's visitors/customers. To create menu link in Shopify
Copy the affiliate portal link (for example https://helloworld.goaffpro.com)
In the Shopify Admin Panel, Click on Online Store.
Shopify Admin Panel
Then click on Navigation > Main Menu
Navigation > Main Menu
Then click on Add new menu item
Add Menu Items
  1. 1.
    Then enter your desired Name (for example: Affiliate Portal or Become A Partner, etc.).
  2. 2.
    In the Link field, paste the portal link copied in step #1.
  3. 3.
    Click on Add to add the new menu item.
Click on Save Menu, to save the changes you made.
Save Menu
For a quick understanding, here is a screencast:

Creating Custom Page with your program's details

Creating a custom page gives your affiliates a chance to review your program details before they decide to register for it. To create a custom page
In the Shopify Admin Panel, Click on Online Store
Click on Online Store
Click on Pages
Click on Pages
Click on Add page
Add Page
Now write down your program details and use your affiliate link there
Click on Save to save changes
Save Changes
After this, you can create a Menu Link in Header or Footer with your Custom Page as Link

Promote your affiliate program on social media platforms

To build your affiliate network, start promoting your affiliate campaign on your Instagram and Facebook pages. More people joining your affiliate program will mean more promotion of your products and will increase sales.
Social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube are great for putting a word out of your affiliate program.
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