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How do I pay my affiliates?

You can choose to pay your affiliates via any of the supported payment methods.


  • PayPal

  • Bank Transfer (SWIFT/ACH)

  • Cheque

  • Debit Card

  • Cash

  • Bitcoin


  • M-Pesa

North America

  • Venmo

  • CashApp

  • Google Pay


  • SEPA

  • Revolut


  • PayTM

  • UPI

China/South East Asia

  • WeChat

  • AliPay

Latin America

  • Mercado Pago

Store Credit

  • Store Discount Coupon

  • Store Gift Card

How do I pay via PayPal?

You can either pay your affiliates one by one or process the payments in bulk Pay one affiliate at a time Bulk Processing the PayPal Payments‚Äč

But why is GoAffPro not paying the affiliate on my behalf?

We do not support automatic payments via PayPal for multiple reasons

  1. The affiliate has a direct relationship with the merchant ("you"), so it makes sense that they receive payments from you.

  2. It helps you avoid the stacking of transaction fees. Merchant > GoAffPro > Affiliates.

But App XYZ supports Automatic Payments?

We understand that some other apps might support automatic payments, done via the PayPal API with your credentials. However, handing out access keys to a third party is not safe.

  1. You are placing trust in a third party to handle your money. This third party now has access to your entire PayPal account, including funds, transaction history, personal details, etc.

  2. Even if the app itself is not malicious, servers can get hacked and data get leaked. In such an event, the unauthorized third party can wreak havoc on your PayPal account.

We at GoAffPro, have decided to trade off better security over convenience.