Setup Simple Popup

In the Simple Popup, you have the option to upload a header image, add a title or subtitle, and button customization for the popup.

To customize the Simple Popup, click on Select & Customize.

In the Simple popup section, you have the option to edit various aspects of the popup such as the header image, content, and the button. There is also a popup preview, that will render the popup, showing you the changes you make to the popup.

There are four customization sections available in the simple popup style:

  1. Header Image

  2. Content

  3. Button

  4. Other Configuration

Header Image

The Header Image option can be used to upload an image that will appear in the popup. You can choose the image from the GoAffPro gallery, or you can upload a header image of your choice.

To change the header image of the popup, click on Delete, and then click on Browse or Choose file, to upload a different header image. You also have the option to adjust the width and height of the header image.


In the Content option, you can edit the content that is displayed on the popup, you have the option to set the title and subtitle to the popup.


The Button section allows you to change the title of the button, set the URL that it opens, and set the background and text color of the button. You can also select whether the button click opens the URL in the same or a new browser tab.

Other Configuration

In the Other Configuration section, you can set additional options for the popup, such as closing the popup when the escape button is pressed, closing the popup when a background click is made, or displaying the popup only once per customer.

There is also the option to embed the popup in the order confirmation page (instead of it appearing as a popup). You also have the option to add extra CSS.

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