Prevent Affiliate Fraud

To prevent affiliate fraud and monitor misuse, we recommend the following:

  • Enable Detect Coupon Leaks feature

  • Enable Conversion Details for All Sales table

  • Use the Block IP/Origins option

  • Use the Block Google Ads option

Enable Detect Coupon Leaks feature

You can go to the Coupons > Detect Coupon Leaks section > Turn ON the toggle. It will notify you when any coupon leaks on coupon sites, allowing you to take appropriate action.

You can review the leaked coupons, view the associated affiliate, and take actions like removing the coupon code or blocking the affiliate account.

pageEnable Coupon Code Leak Detection

Enable Conversion Details for the All Sales table

You can go to the Sales > All Sales section > Click on Settings > Select Conversion Details > Click on Save.

The conversion details column will display the conversion summary of the sale. It will help detect traffic generated via unauthorized means like Google CPC ads and take appropriate action.

pageCustomize All Sales Table

Use the Blocked IP/Origins option

To block traffic from unapproved websites/domains, you can use the Blocked IP/Origins option from the Settings > Advanced section. Here, you can enter the URL of the website/domain from where you want to block commissions/tracking.

For example: To block the tracking of affiliate traffic from Facebook, you can add Facebook ( in the Blocked Origins/Domains section.

pageBlock Commission from Domains

Use the Block Google Ads option

To block referral sales made via Google ads, you can use the Block Google Ads option from the Settings > Advanced section. Here, you can set the app to reject sales made via Google ad clicks.

Google ad clicks happen when an affiliate buys keywords for your store on Google ads, converting your organic customers into referrals. This means that when a customer searches for your store on Google, clicks on the affiliate's ad and ends up on your site, it is considered a Google ad click.

pageBlock Commission from Google Ads

Furthermore, our system is immune to various classical affiliate marketing fraud tactics such as cookie stuffing or cookie injections. Our referral cookies are set as first-party and store domain-scoped cookies, thereby eliminating such fraudulent activities.

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