Synced Affiliate List

To view the synced affiliate list in Klaviyo:

To view the synced affiliate list in Klaviyo, log into your Klaviyo dashboard.

Here, go to the Lists & segments section.

Now, click on the Affiliates list.

This will open up the Affiliates list section.

Here, you will be able to view the affiliates that have been synced to the list.

Now, click on the affiliate's name.

Here, you can view the affiliate's profile information that has gotten synced from GoAffPro in the Custom properties section.

Affiliate information that will get synced over to Klaviyo
  • Affiliate name

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Email address

  • Status

  • Source

  • Referral code

  • Coupon code

  • Address

  • Country

  • State

  • City

  • Postal code

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

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