How-to Guides

Create tasks for your rewards program:

Create Tasks

Set up rewards for your rewards program:

Setup Rewards

Create tiers for your rewards program:

Create Tiers

Edit notification emails of your rewards program:

Edit Notification Emails

Create new email notifications for your rewards program:

Create New Email Notifications

View profile of customers enrolled in your rewards program:

View Customer ProfileCustomize Referral Link of Customer

Add points to the customer account:

Add Points to Customer Account

Exclude customer from the rewards program:

Exclude Customer from Program

Delete Customer from the the rewards program:

Delete Customer form Program

Set up the widget colors:

Setup Widget Colors

Set up the widget placement:

Setup Widget Placement

Customize the widget launcher:

Customize Widget Launcher

Customize the widget panel:

Customize Widget Panel

Customer the widget elements:

Customize Widget Elements

Change the widget language:

Change Widget Language

Edit the text of the widget:

Edit Widget Text

Set the points format in your rewards program:

Set Points Format

Set the expiration period for customer points:

Set Points Expiration

Set up account details of your rewards program:

Setup Account Details

Show/Hide the widget on your store:

Show/Hide Widget

Set up points calculation for orders:

Set Points Calculation for Orders

Give points depending upon the order status:

Give Points on Order Status

Automatically enroll customers in your rewards program:

Automatically Enroll Customers

Give recurring commission points:

Give Recurring Commission Points

Give points for referring new customers:

Give Points for Referring New Customers

Add/remove widget code from your store:

Add/Remove Widget Code from Store

Integrate Bold Subscription with the app:

Bold Subscription Integration

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