GoAffPro Admin Panel > Settings > General

In the General section, you can set up and customize basic options such as affiliate registrations, referral sales settings, cookie duration., etc.

Affiliate Registrations

In the affiliate registrations section, you can manage options for affiliate registrations. Here, you can enable or disable affiliate registrations in the affiliate program with the "Allow registrations from affiliate page" option.

You also have the option to Auto Approve Registrations. If not enabled, you can manually approve pending affiliate registrations.

You also get the option to edit the Account Pending Message to newly registered affiliates (when they login to the affiliate portal).


In the Sales section, you have various options to edit the referral sales settings for the affiliate program.

Commission Calculation

In Commission Calculation section, you are provided with options that you can enable to adjust the commission calculation on sales.

  • Include discounts, where the commission will be calculated after deducting the total discount from the order. Here, you can adjust the commission calculation based on the discount percentage, discount amount, or a custom percentage. You can also set exceptions for coupon codes assigned to affiliates.

  • Exclude Gift Cards, where the commission will get calculated after removing the gift card amount from the product price.

  • Exclude shipping and taxes, where the commission will be calculated after deducting the shipping and taxes from the order.

  • Exclude VAT, which can be used to remove the VAT from the product price before calculating the affiliate commission.

Disable commission for Self Referral

If enabled, the affiliate will not receive the commission for their self purchases in the store. You also get the option to disable commissions, when another affiliate purchases through their referral.

Give commission only for new customers

If enabled, the commission will only be given to the affiliate for the new customers who uses their referral to purchase in your store. You also have the option to create an exception for affiliates.

Verify Automatically

Our app automatically approves or rejects the sale based on its status in your store. For example, if the sale is refunded or cancelled in your store, the sale would be automatically marked as rejected.

Record Nil Sales

If enabled, the affiliate sales where the commission is $0 will also be recorded. You also have the option to send a notification to affiliates for nil sales. There is also an option to record sales made using the personal codes of affiliates.

A cookie is used to identify a user and save site information for the user. Cookies help in customizing and preparing the web page for a user.

In the Cookie Duration option, you can choose the time period for the affiliate tracking cookie (to be saved in the browser of the customer) after which the cookie will expire.

Remove tracking after order

The Remove tracking after order option can be used to remove the tracking cookie after an order is placed using an affiliate's referral.


The Timezone option can be used to set the timezone for the app to download data reports.

Signup Bonus

Signup Bonus is an option that is used to give affiliates a bonus when they register in the program.

This is a useful tool to bring in more affiliates by giving them a financial incentive to join your affiliate campaign.

Checkout the video below for an overview on the general program settings in GoAffPro:

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