Marketing Tools

Marketing Tools tab can be used by the affiliates to generate product links to share with customers. They can also access and download media assets that the merchant has provided to them.

Here, in the Product Links section, affiliates can paste the product URL from the store or select the product's name in the product page link field and the trackable link will get generated automatically.

My Files

In the My Files section, affiliates can upload files. These files can be accessed by the merchant from the affiliate files tab.

Media Assets

The Media Assets section will show the creative media files that the merchant has provided to affiliates to use in their promotions.

The media files that the merchant upload in the Creatives tab will appear in the Marketing Tools tab in the affiliate portal. These media files can include banners or logos that would go well with social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, etc.

To see how to upload media in the Creatives tab:

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