Network tab can be used by affiliates to view their signup link, network summary, network map, and details such as the sales or the commission earned by the affiliates in their network.


The Network section shows the signup link of the affiliates, which they will be using to recruit newer affiliates under them.

The network summary section showcases the network commission earned by the affiliate and the number of affiliates who have been recruited either by direct or indirect referrals.

The Commissions button can be clicked to view the network commission rate set for each level in the network.

Network Explorer

The Network explorer section can be opened to view the number of sales, total sale volume, and the details of the sales referred by affiliates in each level.

Direct Referrals

In the Direct Referrals section, affiliates can view the name and the email address of the affiliates who have been recruited by them (recruited directly under them).

The Network Map can be opened to view a map of the affiliates in the network, this will show affiliates recruited using both direct and indirect referrals.


The Members table will show the number of affiliates present in each level of the network and the table adjacent to it will display the number of sales, revenue, and the commission earned by affiliates of each level in the network.

The Network tab will only appear if the Multi Level Marketing option is enabled by the merchant.

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