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List of features and options on the admin page

The Admin Page is the control panel for your whole Affiliate marketing campaign, it consists of:‌

Admin Panel


Here you will find important links such as Affiliate portal, Affiliate Login URL, and Affiliate Registration URL.
  • An overview that shows your membership, affiliate program status, affiliate orders, revenues, and commissions.
  • View new registrations, top partners, and recent orders.


Look and Feel:

  • Store Profile tab can be used to a custom URL for the affiliate portal, set the store name and logo. It also has options to set the brand font and brand primary color. There are also options to select the affiliate portal language, edit the legal documents, and customize the other page of the portal.
  • Landing Page tab allows you to edit the landing page of the affiliate portal.
  • Signup Page tab allows you to edit the signup page of the affiliate portal.
  • Affiliate Dashboard tab can be used to set up the dashboard tabs, widgets for the dashboard, and even change the dashboard's color scheme. It also has the option to add custom code.
  • Toolbars tab allows toolbars to be added to the store, this includes affiliate toolbar, shopping-with toolbar, etc.
  • Default Commission, which applies to all products and affiliates, can set up using a percentage or a flat rate.
  • Product Commission can be used to set up different commissions for different products and affiliates, here you can choose the product, partner and set the commission rate in both percentages, and flat rate.
  • Collection Commission can be used to set commission rates for a particular collection of products.
  • Fixed Commission can be used to set a fixed commission to an affiliate, so that the affiliate also gets the commission regardless of who made the referral to the product, here too, you can choose the product, partner and set the commission rate in both percentage and flat rate.
  • Tables are provided below each of the Product, Collection, and Fixed Commissions that show the types of commissions that you have set up.


  • In the Groups tab, you can create commission groups for affiliates.
  • It be used to set up product commission, collection commission, or multi-level commission for the groups.
  • There is also an option to set up commission modifiers and boosters for the groups.
Here you can find Coupon based Commissions, any purchase made using these coupons give commission to the affiliate, to whom the coupon was assigned to.‌
  • Can assign coupons to selected affiliates and provide them with their coupon codes, which they can use, a table below it shows the number of affiliates and the coupons that have been assigned to them.
  • In Automatic Coupons, coupons are generated automatically for every affiliate that registers.
  • Change the discount value that the coupon provides, provide usage limits such as limiting the usage of the coupon to one use per one customer, or providing the number of times the coupon can be used to get the discount.
  • In advanced options, set minimum order value and can limit the coupon discount to a particular product.
  • In Personal Coupons, coupons are generated automatically for affiliates, these coupons do not generate any commission for the affiliate.


  • In the Connections tab, you can create new Customer-Affiliate connections. You also have the option to view connected customer-affiliates and delete them.
  • It can be used to provide recurring commission to affiliates.


In the Targets tab, you can set targets for your affiliates
  • In the Target Bonus tab, you can set one-time bonuses that will be given to affiliates when they hit the set targets.
  • In the Commission Booster tab, you can give extra commissions, when an affiliate crosses a tier.
  • In the Signup Bonus tab, you can set the bonus that will be given to an affiliate when they signup to your affiliate program.
  • In the Settings tab, you can set the value Signup Bonus and configure Target Bonus.

Membership Plans:

  • In the Membership Plans tab, you can charge membership fees from your affiliates, by creating payment plans for them.
  • It can be used to set up one-time or recurring payment plans.

Form referrals:

  • In the Form referrals tab, you can set up forms and record leads brought in through affiliate referrals.
  • It can be used to capture form data and view the captured leads.


  • In the Pending Approval tab, approve of the people who want to become affiliates.
  • In the All Affiliates tab, view the number of affiliates that you have and table that shows the orders, revenue, commissions, and the pending payment to each affiliate.
  • In the Pending Approval tab, view the sales made using the affiliate referrals, you can approve or reject those orders and give commission to your affiliates accordingly.
  • In the All Sales tab, view all the sales that have been done using referrals from your affiliates, the table shows the date, order, amount, affiliate partner, commission, status, and actions.
  • In the Pending Payment tab, view pending payments that are to be done to affiliates, with a table showing names, amount, payment details, and actions. The total pending payment amount is also displayed above the table.
  • In the Payment History tab, view the payments that you have made in the past, with the table showing date, name, amount payment details, and actions. The total paid amount is also displayed above the table.
PayPal Payouts:
  • In the Start Payout tab, view the pending PayPal payments to affiliates, with a table showing the payment details. You can send payments to affiliates from this section.
  • In the Payment History tab, view the PayPal payments that have been done in the past, with the table showing the details such as date, amount, affiliate, and status of the payment.
  • Provide banners, logos, and other media to your affiliates, they can use them to promote your product.‌
Affiliate Pages:
  • Provide your affiliates with the option to build and host their special landing pages in your store.

Affiliate Files:

  • Lets you view the uploaded and shared files with affiliates.

Influencer Seeding:

  • Create orders directly within the app for sending products to your affiliates.


  • Write custom scripts to automate certain tasks of your program.
  • Add custom functions to the app such as generating custom reports, custom integrations with other tools, etc.



  • Lets you list out your store on our curated marketplace, which will allow affiliates and influencers to find your program and join it.

Post Checkout Popup:

  • A popup that is shown to your customers after they have completed their checkout, on the order status page.
  • The popup can be used to allow customers to join your affiliate program. You can choose from three popup layouts, each having different sets of features.
Bulk Mail:
  • Quickly send emails to your affiliates, you can use this to compose emails.
  • It can allow your affiliates to further have sub-affiliates, they get the commission when a sale is made using their affiliate referral, you can see the network of affiliates and sub-affiliates in the Geneology (Full Network).
  • Set up the level of affiliates and the commission for each level of the affiliate.
  • There is also a playground option that helps in test and learns how the network will work.
  • In Settings, set whether to show sponsors on account creations that is who referred the affiliate and can choose the Level Commission Calculation Method to either Dynamic or Simple.
  • In analytics view graphs, for visits made using affiliate links, there are graphs provided both the number of orders, affiliate revenue, and unique visits. The table provides a detailed view of the date, page, affiliate, page views, and orders.
  • The Leaderboard tab can be used to look at the ranking of affiliates, according to the number of orders, revenue, and commission that they have earned.


In the General tab,
  • Manage affiliate registrations with options such as auto-approval of affiliates etc.
  • Manage Sales setting as well for referred sales and orders with options such as Give Commission after discounts, after shipping and taxes.
  • Choose to show site stripe to the affiliate for easy sharing of products.
  • Option to set cookie duration and Sign-Up bonus for affiliates.
  • Change the store name, the store currency can also change the affiliate portal (Premium).
In the Notification tab,
  • Set up the email address that the affiliates can use to contact you, email address from which notifications emails will be sent, notifications for the merchant for when a new affiliate registers, or when an affiliate sale is made.
  • Email notification for affiliates, when their affiliate account is approved, a new sale is made, affiliate payment is processed. It also has an option of whether to send a welcome email to an affiliate when they register.
In the Payments tab,
  • Choosing the payment method that your affiliates will be given for payouts.
  • Choose the payment terms from 7, 15, and 30 days.
  • A minimum affiliate earning before a payout is made.
In the Integrations tab,
  • Choose to sync affiliate data with MailChimp, Omnisend, Klaviyo, Convertkit, MailerLite, etc.
  • Subscription payments to Recharge payments.
  • Sync affiliate accounts to register them as store customers.
  • Add Google ReCaptcha to your signup page.
  • Integrate PayPal Payouts to send payments to affiliates within the app.
In the Advanced tab,
  • It can connect customers to affiliates, such that all the future purchases made by the customer will be attributed to the affiliate.
  • Change the default referral link.
  • Allow up to 10 referral codes per affiliate.
  • Third-Party Tracking.
  • Referral link identifiers.
  • Auto approval of affiliates coming from utm_source.
Options in the Advanced tab, are only for advanced users, if you have any issues or queries, please contact support.
In the Report tab,
  • Can download reports for a particular period, of affiliates, order/sales, and payouts in CSV format.
Below the admin page tabs is the Contact Section, which you can use to send your queries, suggestions, and feedback to us.
You can also send requests for custom features to be built into the app or you can use email us at [email protected] to get in touch.
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