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The Dashboard consists of all the important information related to your affiliate campaign, it gives you an overview of your whole campaign. It gives you a simplified view of your basic affiliate statistics.


The Dashboard consists of:

  • Important Links

Affiliate Portal Link: This is the link that the affiliates will use to manage their accounts.

Affiliate Login URL: This is the URL that people will use to login into their affiliate account.

Affiliate Registration URL: It is the URL that people can use to register as affiliates. The merchant will be linking this URL to his affiliate sign-up page.

Important Links & Overview
  • Overview

Membership: It shows your GoAffPro membership and an option to upgrade to the premium membership.

Affiliate Program Status: This shows the status of your affiliate campaign, if it is live, then affiliate commission payouts and affiliate referrals are active.

Affiliates: It shows the number of affiliates registered in your affiliate campaign.

Orders: Number of orders purchased using affiliate links.

Revenues: The revenue coming in from visitors who are purchasing products using affiliate links.

Commissions: It is the commission earned by the affiliates when the visitor purchases a product on the merchant's website using the referral link they shared.

  • New Registrations: This shows the new affiliates who have registered with your affiliate program.

New Registrations & Top Partners
  • Top Partners: Top Partners are the top affiliates who are bringing in the most revenue and visitors to your website.


  • Recent Orders: It shows information about the recent orders that have been placed using the affiliate referral link.

Recent Orders

The Dashboard gives you basic information and an overview of your affiliate campaign.