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  • In the Pending Approval tab, approve of the people who want to become affiliates.

  • In the All Affiliates tab, view the number of affiliates that you have and table that shows the orders, revenue, commissions and the pending payment to each affiliate.


  • In the Pending Approval tab, view the sales made using the affiliate referrals, you can approve or reject those orders and give commission to your affiliates accordingly.

  • In the All Sales tab, view all the sales that have been done using referrals from your affiliates, the table shows the date, order, amount, affiliate partner, commission, status, and action.


  • In the Pending Payment tab, view pending payments that are to be done to affiliates, with a table showing names, amount, payment details and action and Total pending payment above the table.

  • In the Payment History tab, view the payments that you have made in the past, with the table showing date, name, amount payment details and action and Total Paid above the table.


Provide banners, logos and other media to your affiliates, they can use them to promote your product.‌

Affiliate Pages:

Create and let your affiliates build landing pages on your store, which they can use to promote your products.