GoAffPro Admin Page > Setup > Activities

Activities tab can be used to create tasks for affiliates and reward them for completing those tasks.

To enable the Activities tab in the admin panel:

In the Settings tab of the GoAffPro admin panel, go to the Extras section.

Here, in the Affiliate tasks and activities section, you will have to enable the feature by clicking on the toggle

After enabling, the Activities tab will appear in the admin panel.

In the Activities tab, you can create task sheets for your affiliates.

To create a new activity sheet, click on New activity sheet.

In the Sheet section, you can add activities for affiliates to complete.

In the Add activity window, you can set the category, title, tag, and description for the activity.

You can also set up the reward for the activity, by setting the payout type, amount, maximum allowed, and units.

Create Activities for Affiliates

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