Premium Membership

You can upgrade your GoAffPro membership to Premium. A premium membership provides you with a host of additional features.

Premium Features:

Better Performance

  • Premium users get their own dedicated server space, unlike free users who share server resources. This gives the affiliate program a much better performance.

Advanced Analytics:

  • Users get to see advanced analytics which helps them better understand their affiliate program. This data helps in improving the affiliate program and increase its performance.

Multi-Level Marketing & Recruitment

  • Set up a multi-level affiliate network, where they can have a different level of affiliates. The commission gets distributed among different levels of affiliates when a referred sale is made down the level.
  • It helps in expanding your affiliate program by getting more affiliates at a lesser cost and lower commission rate.

Email Marketing

  • Send emails to your affiliates using the email marketing feature. You can set up bulk or drip email campaigns.
  • It lets you stay in constant communication with your affiliates thereby maintaining a better merchant-affiliate partnership.

Third-Party Integration:

  • Integrate third-party applications such as MailChimp, Klaviyo, Omnisend, MailerLite, etc.
  • By integrating third-party marketing services to GoAffPro you can improve the performance of your affiliate campaign.

Affiliate Page Builder

  • Build and host landing pages for your affiliate. This lets your affiliates create their special landing pages for the products they are promoting.
  • Helps affiliates in creating landing pages according to their style, which further streamlines the process of referral marketing.

Targets & Bonuses

  • Set targets for your affiliates, when an affiliate achieves those targets they earn a bonus.
  • By setting up targets for your affiliates, it encourages them to work harder, which increases sales.

Customer-Affiliate Connect

  • Connect affiliates with customers, whenever the connected customer makes a purchase the set affiliate will get the commission.
  • It can also be used to provide your affiliates with a commission for recurring payments made by the customers like for a subscription.

Affiliate Groups

  • Create commission groups for affiliates in your program.
  • It allows for easier management of different types of affiliates with different commission structures.

Membership Fees

  • Charge membership fees from your affiliates.
  • Create different types of payment plans for your program.


Email Templates
  • Use custom email templates when sending emails to your affiliates. Make use of custom email templates for weekly newsletters, etc. to communicate with your affiliates.
  • This helps in personalizing email newsletters and communication.
Signup Page Customization:
  • Customize the affiliate portal signup page with three different layout options, Classic, Slim, and Modern. Get a minimalist design and make use of background images on the signup page.
  • Personalizes your affiliate portal by letting you create a custom signup page. It also provides you with the option to make it more visually appealing.
Post-Checkout Popup:
  • It gives you the option to set up popups, which appears after customers checkout on the order status page. Make use of three different popup styles, Basic, Simple, and Advanced that let you customize elements such as header image, title, etc.
  • The Advanced Popup also gives you the option to automatically signup a customer as an affiliate and it also lets you send welcome and invitation emails to affiliates on signup.
  • By setting up a popup, you can reach more people to recruit into your affiliate program, this also makes it easier to advertise that you are running an affiliate program.