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Premium Plan Membership

You can upgrade your GoAffPro membership to the premium plan. A premium membership provides you with a host of additional features.
List of features offered in the premium plan
Look and Feel
  • Legal page editing
  • Signup page styles (modern and classic)
  • New dashboard pages
  • Facebook Pixel ID (for affiliates)
  • Custom JavaScript code
  • Collection Commission
  • Royalties Commission
  • Rule based Royalties
  • Commission Modifier
  • Detect Coupon Leaks
  • Personal Coupons (automatic generation)
  • S2S Callback (Postback) for affiliates
  • Creative media upload (size limit removed)
  • Creative media upload (upload videos and documents)
Post Checkout Popup
  • Post checkout popup (advanced style)
Email Marketing
  • Bulk email campaigns
  • Drip email campaigns
Multi level Marketing
  • Multi level affiliate network
Email Settings
  • From Email (notification email address)
  • Notification email template customization
Payment Settings
  • Commission Hold Time
  • Commission Hold Time (on per affiliate basis)
Extra Settings
  • Target Bonus
  • Commission Booster
  • Recurring Bonus
  • Form Based Referrals
  • Customer Affiliate Connect (recurring commissions)
  • Affiliate Groups
  • Party Plans
  • Multiple Signup Pages
  • Affiliate Store
  • Affiliate Public Store
  • Affiliate Page Builder
  • Influencer Seeding
  • Membership Fees
  • W9 Form
  • Invoices
  • Legal Documents
  • Scripts
  • Event Callbacks
Third Party Integrations
  • Account Sync
  • Mailchimp Sync
  • Omnisend Sync
  • Klaviyo Sync
  • Convertkit
  • MailerLite
  • ActiveCampaign
  • CampaignMonitor
  • Squarespace/Acuity Scheduling
  • ReCharge Payments
  • Bold Subscription
Advanced Settings
  • Referral Link Parameters
  • Blocked IP/Origins
  • Affiliate Conflict Resolution
  • Generate Shortened Links (Bitly/Shopify/Cuttly)
  • Multiple Referral Codes
  • Order Tags
  • Customer Tags
  • Affiliate Portal Alias

Premium Features:

Better Performance

  • Premium users get their own dedicated server space, unlike free users who share server resources. This gives the affiliate program a much better performance.

Advanced Analytics

  • Users get to see advanced analytics which helps them better understand their affiliate program. This data helps in improving the affiliate program and increasing its performance.

Multi-Level Marketing & Recruitment

  • Set up a multi-level affiliate network, where affiliates can recruit newer affiliates under them and earn network commissions on the sales referred by their downlines (recruited affiliates).
  • This helps in quickly expanding your affiliate program by getting more affiliates.

Email Marketing

  • Send emails to your affiliates using the email marketing feature. You can set up bulk or drip email campaigns.
  • It lets you stay in constant communication with your affiliates thereby maintaining a better merchant-affiliate partnership.

Third-Party Integration

  • Integrate third-party applications such as MailChimp, Klaviyo, Omnisend, MailerLite, etc.
  • By integrating third-party marketing services, you can improve the performance of your affiliate program, by using other services in sync with GoAffPro.

Affiliate Page Builder

  • Build and host landing pages for your affiliate. This lets your affiliates create their special landing pages for the products they are promoting.
  • Helps affiliates in creating landing pages according to their style, which further streamlines the process of referral marketing.

Targets & Bonuses

  • Set targets for your affiliates, where you can reward your affiliates with a bonus or commission boost after they achieve those target objectives.
  • By setting up targets for your affiliates, it encourages them to work harder, which increases sales.

Customer-Affiliate Connect

  • Connect affiliates with customers, whenever the connected customer makes a purchase the set affiliate will get the commission.
  • It can also be used to provide your affiliates with a commission for recurring payments made by the customers like for a subscription.

Affiliate Groups

  • Create commission groups for affiliates in your program. It allows you to create independent commission structures within each affiliate group.
  • It allows for easier management of different types of affiliates with different commission structures.

Membership Fees

  • Charge membership fees from your affiliates, to register in your program.
  • You can create different types of payment plans for your program, such as one time payment plans, recurring payment plans, etc. to charge affiliates a membership fee.


Email Templates
  • Use custom email templates when sending emails to your affiliates. Make use of custom email templates for weekly newsletters, etc. to communicate with your affiliates.
  • This helps in personalizing email newsletters and communication.
Signup Page Customization
  • Customize the affiliate portal signup page with three different layout options, Classic, Slim, and Modern. Get a minimalist design and make use of background images on the signup page.
  • Personalizes your affiliate portal by letting you create a custom signup page. It also provides you with the option to make it more visually appealing.
Post-Checkout Popup
  • It gives you the option to set up popups, which appear to customers after they checkout on the order status (thank you) page.
  • The advanced popup also gives you the option to automatically sign up a customer as an affiliate and lets you send welcome and invitation emails to them.
  • By setting up a popup, you can reach more people to recruit into your affiliate program, this also makes it easier to advertise that you are running an affiliate program.