Collect Membership Fees from Affiliates

To create a membership system where you can charge people who want to enroll in your affiliate program, you can do the following:

Here you will be creating a new product called the membership fee in your store, which can be purchased by people who want to become affiliates in your program. After this you will be setting up a post-checkout popup in your store using the GoAffPro app, that will allow people to automatically enroll in your affiliate program after they have made the purchase.

Firstly, create a new product in your store to collect membership fees. Name this product, Membership Fee, Affiliate Program Fee, etc.

After this enable Post Checkout Popups in its tab in the GoAffPro admin panel.

Here you will select the Advanced popup style. The Advanced popup style provides an option for customers to automatically get enrolled as an affiliate in your program when they make a purchase. You can customize the popup it as per your choice.

The Popup appears only after a customer has completed their checkout, which is on the Order Status page.

In the Other Configuration section of the Advanced style popup, enable the popup to only appear when the "Membership Fee" product is purchased. Click on save.

Customer's Side:

  • The customer (who wants to join your affiliate program) visits your store and purchases the “Membership Fee” product.

  • When the order is completed, their account gets added to the affiliates database and they are shown a popup with their referral link on the order status page.

  • The customers are also sent an email with details to log into their affiliate account.

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