Create Activities for Affiliates

GoAffPro provides you with the option to create activities for affiliates.

The activities and tasks feature lets you create an activity sheet with tasks for your affiliates. Your affiliates can complete these tasks and log their progress (for you to verify). You can reward them accordingly for completing these tasks.

Create an activity sheet for affiliates

To create an activity sheet, go to the Activities tab in the GoAffPro admin panel.

Here, click on New activity sheet.

Now, set the sheet name.

Next, click on Submit.

The activity sheet will be created.

Add activities to the activity sheet

To add activities to the activity sheet, click on the activity sheet.

This will open up the Sheet section.

Here, click on Add activity.

This will open up the Add activity window.

Here, set the category, title, tag, and description for the activity.

Now, set the payout type (points or cash), payout amount, maximum allowed payouts, and maximum allowed units for the activity.

After this, click on Submit.

Finally, click on Save.

The activity will be added to the activity sheet.

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