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Create Custom Leaderboard

GoAffPro provides you with the option to create a custom leaderboard.
To create a custom leaderboard, go to the Analytics tab in the GoAffPro admin panel.
Here, click on custom leaderboard.
Click on custom leaderboard
Now, set the name of the leaderboard.
Next, set the time period.
Set the time period
After this, set the rank by parameter for the leaderboard.
You can also set parameters like the number of orders, sale volume, sale commission, downline number of orders, downline enrolled, and downline sale volume.
Set the rank by parameter
There is also the option to display the leaderboard to affiliates by enabling the "Show in affiliate's dashboard" option.
Enable the "Show in affiliate's dashboard" option
Finally, click on Submit.
Click on Submit
The newly created leaderboard section will appear in the Analytics tab.
Create Custom Leaderboard