Prevent Connections for Existing Customers

GoAffPro provides you with the option to prevent customer-affiliate connections from getting created for existing store customers.

Create and set up the dummy affiliate account

Create affiliate account

Go to the All Affiliates section in the Affiliates tab of the GoAffPro admin panel.

Here, click on Create New Affiliate.

Now, enter the affiliate's name and email address.

Also, uncheck the "Send Invitation Email" option.

After this, click on Create.

Click on Approve to approve the affiliate account.

Set commission rate of the affiliate account to zero

Go to the Commissions section.

Here, click on Change.

Now, set the commission rate to zero.

After this, click on OK.

The commission rate of the dummy affiliate account will be set to zero.

Uncheck the "Record Nil Sales" option (Optional)

Now, go to the General Section in the Settings tab.

Here, uncheck the "Record Nil Sales" option.

Since the dummy affiliate's commission rate is set to zero, unchecking the "Record Nil Sales" option will prevent any sales with zero commissions from getting recorded.

Create connections with the dummy affiliate

Go to the Connections tab.

You can enable the Customer-Affiliate Connect option from the Settings > Extras section.

Here, click on bulk import.

Now, click on Browse to upload the bulk import file.

You can download the Sample CSV file to prepare the bulk import file.

Setup the bulk import file by adding the name and email address of existing store customers with the email address of the dummy affiliate account.

After uploading the bulk import file, click on Bulk Import.

Finally, the customer-affiliate connections with all the existing store customers and the dummy affiliate will get created.

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