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Custom SDK Integration

Integrate GoAffPro with your custom store:

Create a GoAffPro merchant account: Signup Link
If you already have an account, you can login.
Signup Page
Here, click on Add app to store.
Click on Add app to store
Now, select the custom SDK option.
Select Custom SDK option
Next, enter the store name, store URL, and click on Submit.
Enter store name and URL
After this, click on Integration steps.
Click on Integration Steps
Here, add the general tracking code in the header section before the closing </head> tag.
This is usually pasted in the theme's layout file.
Add general tracking code
Now, add the conversion tracking code to the conversion page or the "thank you" page.
Please ensure that the goaffproOrder object in the conversion tracking code has the actual order data of the customer.
Add conversion tracking code
Finally, click on Get Started.
This will open up the setup wizard for the program.
Click on Get Started
You can also look into the advanced integration guide: Link