Customize the Affiliate Dashboard

Affiliate Dashboard is the affiliate's control panel. It consists of the referral links and coupon codes that have been assigned to the affiliate. It also provides the affiliate with a summary of their referral sales and payment information.

Here, you have the option to enable additional dashboard tabs, add widgets in the dashboard, set up the dashboard colors, and more.

GoAffPro provides you with the option to customize:

Dashboard Tabs

pageDashboard Tabs

Widgets and Analytics

pageWidgets and Analytics

Tracking Modes

pageTracking Modes


pageSet to Display the Logo

Dashboard Navigation Style

pageSet Dashboard Navigation Style

Dashboard Colors

pageSet Dashboard Colors

Custom CSS code

pageAdd Custom CSS & JavaScript Code

Custom JavaScript code

pageAdd Custom CSS & JavaScript Code

Affiliate Portal Tracking

pageAffiliate Portal Tracking

Facebook Messenger

pageFacebook Messenger

For more information on the affiliate dashboard customization, check out the video below:

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