Disable Commission on Store Credit Purchases

GoAffPro provides you with the option to disable the commission for sales made using store credits.

To disable commission on sales made using store credits, go to the Commission Modifiers section in the Commissions tab of the GoAffPro admin panel.

Here, click on Add new modifier.

Now, select the "Payment gateway matches" rule.

After this, set the "matches" value to Store Credits.

You can set the value to any payment gateway for which you want to disable the commission.

For example, if you want to prevent commissions on sales made using gift cards, you can set the matching value as gift_card (which is the technical name of the gift card payment gateway in Shopify).

Now, set the "adjust commission by" percentage to -100%.

Finally, click on Add Modifier.

The newly set commission modifier will prevent commissions from being calculated on sales made using store credits.

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