Embed Affiliate Portal In Your Store

Embed requires premium subscription of the app. To use this feature, you must upgrade the app

Normally the affiliate portal is loaded on a separate domain. (See custom domain setup). However, if you wish to embed the portal in your own page, you can do it by following the steps below

In your shopify site create a New Page and write the following code

<iframe src="https://helloworld.goaffpro.com/create-account"
<script type="text/javascript" src="https://static.goaffpro.com/embed.js"></script>

You MUST change the src property of iframe with link to your own affiliate portal. i.e. change https://helloworld.goaffpro.com/create-account with your own affiliate portal's link in the code above

Add a new Page in Shopify
Choose the code input mode
Enter the code (with your affiliate portal link) and click save

Advanced Customization (Shopify Only)

We can make the portal look more integrated, by a few more tweaks in our shopify page

Add a new Theme Asset

Open Themes Page and Select Actions -> Edit Code

Edit theme code

Then click on Add a new Template

Add new new template

Then Choose the Template page and enter goaffpro as the template name

Create a new goaffpro page template

Replace the code in the new template with the following code and then save the template

<section style="min-width:'100%'">{{page.content}}</section>

Now open your previously created page

And change its template to page.goaffpro

Thats it.