Enable Dynamic Coupons

For Shopify Platform Users Only

GoAffPro provides you with the option to enable dynamic coupons for affiliates.

To enable dynamic coupons, go to the Coupons tab in the GoAffPro admin panel.

Here, go to the Dynamic Coupons section.

Now, enable the toggle.

After this, coupons will automatically be generated for affiliates. They will automatically get refreshed after a certain period.

Dynamic Coupons FAQ

How do dynamic coupons work?

When enabled, a new coupon code gets generated for each affiliate. The coupon is automatically applied to the customer's cart when they click the affiliate link. The coupon code is valid for a certain period of time, after which it gets automatically refreshed.

What changes after enabling this feature?

  • The coupon code will no longer be displayed in the affiliate dashboard. Affiliates will only share their referral link, which automatically gives a discount to the customer.

  • Coupons will automatically be changed/refreshed after a certain period of time.

How often do the coupons get refreshed?

They automatically get refreshed after an hour.

Where to set the discount type/value of the dynamic coupons?

You can set the discount type/value from the Automatic Coupons section in the Coupons tab. That also applies to dynamic coupons.

Why should you use it?

The dynamic coupons feature prevents coupon leaks on coupon sites, as the affiliate coupons are now refreshed frequently and generated on demand.

Enable Dynamic Coupons

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