Goaffpro Custom Shopify Integration

For Advanced Users Only

Integration steps

All Pages

Embed the tracking script in all pages of your store. You can find this script in the Settings -> Advanced Settings tab -> Third Party Tracking section

<script type="text/javascript" async defer src="https://api.goaffpro.com/loader.js?shop=goaffprotest1.myshopify.com"></script>

You can add the script in the footer page of your site.

Thank You Page

You should create your thank you page in such a manner that the following variable is exposed in global scope before the tracking script gets loaded

Shopify = {    checkout:{        order_id:'SHOPIFY ORDER_ID OF THE ORDER'    }}

Server-Side Integration

Make an HTTP POST call to the following endpoint after the payment is processed to record the sale in the app

POST https://api.goaffpro.com/order_completeContent-Type: application/json​{    "ref":"the referral cookie",    "shop":"the shop identifier as found in the tracking script",    "order_id":"the shopify order id"}

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