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PayPal Payments
How to pay your affiliates using PayPal
PayPal Payouts

Ways to pay via PayPal

    Pay one affiliate at a time
    Pay multiple affiliates in one go (Bulk Payments)

Log in to your PayPal Account

    In the top bar select Tools > Send Payments.
Tools -> Send Money
2. Choose Send to Goods and Services (if you have a business account) or Send to friends or family (if you have a personal account, also fees are 0 if you choose this option)
Send for Goods and Services
3. Enter the PayPal email address of affiliate (can be seen in the app's payout page)
Enter the affiliate's email address
4. On the next screen enter the amount (as mentioned in the payout screen).
Click on Continue, to confirm your payment.
Enter the amount and click continue to confirm
5. In the app's Payout Page, click on Mark Paid to mark this payout as paid.
Now mark that you have paid this affiliate in the dashboard
This process takes 1-2 minutes to pay an affiliate. If you have hundreds of affiliates, take a look at PayPal's Payouts option.
Last modified 1yr ago