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PayPal Payouts

How to pay your affiliates using PayPal
PayPal Payouts

Ways to pay via PayPal

  1. Pay one affiliate at a time

  2. Pay multiple affiliates in one go (Bulk Payments)

Login to your Paypal Account

  1. In the top bar select Tools > Send Payments.

Tools -> Send Money

2. Choose Send to Goods and Services (if you have a business account) or Send to friends or family (if you have a personal account, also fees are 0 if you choose this option)

Send for Goods and Services

3. Enter the PayPal email address of affiliate (can be seen in the app's payout page)

Enter the affiliate's email address

4. On the next screen enter the amount (as mentioned in the payout screen).

Click continue, to confirm your payment.

Enter the amount and click continue to confirm

5. In the app's Payout Page, click on Mark Paid to mark this payout as paid.

Now mark that you have paid this affiliate in the dashboard

This process takes 1-2 minutes to pay an affiliate. If you have hundreds of affiliates, take a look at Paypal's Payouts option.

But why are you not paying the affiliate on my behalf?

We do not support automatic payments via PayPal for multiple reasons

  1. The affiliate has a direct relationship with the merchant ("you"), so it makes sense that they receive payments from you.

  2. It helps you avoid the stacking of transaction fees. Merchant > GoAffPro > Affiliates.

But App XYZ supports Automatic Payments

We understand that some other apps might support automatic payments, done via the PayPal API with your credentials. However, handing out access keys to a third party is not safe.

  1. You are placing trust in a third party to handle your money. This third party now has access to your entire PayPal account, including funds, transaction history, personal details, etc.

  2. Even if the app itself is not malicious, servers can get hacked and data get leaked. In such an event, the unauthorized third party can wreak havoc on your PayPal account.

We at GoAffPro, have decided to trade off better security over convenience.