Membership Plans FAQ

How do I enable the Membership Plans option?

The Membership Plans option can be enabled from Settings > Extras > Membership fees section.

After you enable it, the Membership Plans tab will appear in the admin panel of GoAffPro.

How do I set up the payment gateway for membership plans?

To set up the payment gateway for membership plans you can follow this video or the following guide:

Setup Payment Gateway

How do affiliates get to choose their membership plan?

After signing up, affiliates will be directed to the Activate Membership page, from where they can choose their plan.

You can take a look at how affiliate membership activation works from the following:

Affiliate Membership Activation

Is there any other payment gateway (other than PayPal) that can be set for membership plans?

Yes, you also have the option to set Stripe as the payment gateway for membership plan payments.

Will the existing affiliate be charged for the membership plan?

No, the existing affiliates will not be charged for the plan.

What happens if an affiliate fails to pay for the subscription?

The affiliate will be put under a pending payment status if the payment fails during the subscription. The affiliate will not be able to access their account dashboard (for their referral links or coupon codes) until they pay.

Can affiliates change their membership plan?

Yes, you can enable the membership management function for affiliates. It will allow affiliates to switch their membership plan from within their dashboard.

Membership Management Option for Affiliates

When are affiliates charged for their membership?

Affiliates are charged as soon as they begin their membership, that is, as soon as they sign up and choose their plan.

Can I add a trial period for my affiliates to their membership plan?

Yes, you can add a trial period for the membership plan by checking the "My plan has a free trial period" option and setting up the trial duration. The trial period is only available for the Recurring fees plan type.

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