PayPal Payouts FAQ

My PayPal Payouts Integration is not working:

In the case that your PayPal Payouts integration is not working. Check the following:

  • Your PayPal account is a business account

  • You are using Live credentials and not Sandbox credentials.

The Send Money button is greyed out:

In the case that the Send Money button is greyed (not clickable), make sure that you have entered "confirm" in the confirmation field.

This only applies to merchants who are on the old payment module.

Common Errors

Payment Errors

Make sure you have sufficient funds in your PayPal account.

"Your account is not authorized to use payouts" Error

You will have to contact PayPal customer service to get the Payouts API activated on your account.

Validation Error

If you are getting a validation error, make sure that affiliates don't have their PayPal email address set up with (PayPal Payouts does not support email addresses).

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