Setup Rule Based Tracking for Sales

GoAffPro provides you with the option to set up rule-based tracking for sales.

To set up rule-based tracking for sales, go to the Royalties (Fixed commissions) section in the Commissions tab of the GoAffPro admin panel.

Here, go to the Rule based tracking section.

Now, enable the toggle.

After this, click on New rule.

This will open up the New commission rule window.

Here, select the condition.

You can select different conditions, such as:

  • Order value is >=

  • Order value is <=

  • Customer Shipping State

  • Customer Postal Code (Zip Code)

  • Customer Shipping Country

  • Total quantity of items is >=

  • Total quantity of items is <=

  • First Time Customer

  • Old/Recurring Customer

  • Coupon code matches

  • Customer email matches

  • Customer tag matches

  • Order tag matches

  • Payment gateway matches

  • Sub ID

For conditions such as, Order value <=, Order value >=, Customer Shipping State/Country, Customer Postal Code (Zip Code), Coupon code, Customer email, Customer tag, Order tag, and Payment gateway, you can set the match value and select the affiliate (to whom the sale will get attributed).

For conditions such as First time customer and Old/Recurring Customer, you can select the affiliate, to whom the sale will get attributed.

Finally, click on Submit, to save the rule-based tracking condition for sales.

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