How to pay your affiliates

You use a variety of payment modes for your affiliates.

Available Payment Options

  1. PayPal

  2. Venmo

  3. Cheque

  4. Bank Transfer

  5. UPI

  6. PayTm

  7. Store Credit

How to pay the affiliates ?

The payments are to be done manually by you. We do not process payments on your behalf for two important reasons

  1. The relationship of affiliates is with your store. So you are free to use whatever payment gateway or transaction methods you want.

  2. To avoid double fees to payment processor. i.e. You -> us -> Affiliate where the fees would be deducted twice by payment gateway, You -> Affiliate, the fees is deducted only once

You can download the list of affiliates eligible for payout from the Payouts Page in the admin dashboard. Then pay them using your preferred mode.


  1. Login to your Paypal Account (Create a new account if you don't have one)

  2. In the top bar select Tools -> Send Payments

  3. Choose Send fo Goods and Services (if you have a business account) or Send to friends or family (if you have a personal account, also fees are 0 if you choose this option)

  4. Enter the paypal email address of affiliate (can be seen in the app's payout page)

  5. On the next screen enter the amount (as mentioned in the payout screen)

  6. Click continue, to confirm your payment

  7. In the app's Payout Page, click on Mark Paid to mark this payout as paid.

Tools -> Send Money
Send for Goods and Services
Enter the affiliate's email address
Enter amount and click continue to confirm
Now mark that you have paid this affiliate in the dashboard

This is a really simple process and once mastered takes a 1-2 minutes to pay an affiliate. If you have hundreds of affiliates, please take a look into Paypal's Payouts option.

Store Credit

Store credit works a little differently. Here the affiliate is given a discount coupon worth their commissions to be used for store purchases. The code is generated automatically on your behalf and given to the affiliate.