The Home tab is the page that shows up when an affiliate logs into their account. It showcases the affiliate's referral link, coupon code, commission structure, summary, and widgets.


The Home tab displays the referral link and the coupon code that has been assigned to the affiliate.

When a customer uses the affiliate's referral link or coupon code to make a purchase in the store, that order will get recorded in the app. The affiliate will earn a commission on that sale.

Commission structure

It will show the commission rates that have been set in the program to affiliates.


In the Summary section, affiliates can view data such as,

  • Referrals have been made using his referral link.

  • Orders that have been placed using his referral link.

  • Conversion percentage of visits to purchases made using the referral link.

  • Number of Sales made using the affiliate's referral.

  • Total commission Earnings by the affiliate.


Additional information such as the rank of the affiliate, traffic, product sold and more can be using widgets within the dashboard.

The details section shows the date, order number, order amount, and commission on the sale. It can also be set up to show additional information to the affiliate.

Information such as rank and traffic will only be displayed in the dashboard if the merchant enables it.

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