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Grow Panel


  • Allows you to list your store in our marketplace directory which affiliates can use to join your program. This enables you to reach a larger number of affiliates

Bulk Mail:

  • Quickly send emails to your affiliates, you can use this to compose emails.


  • Can allow your affiliates to further have sub-affiliates, they get the commission when a sale is made using their affiliate referral, you can see the network of affiliates and sub-affiliates in the Geneology (Full Network).

  • Set up the level of affiliates and the commission for each level of the affiliate.

  • There is also a playground option that helps in test and learn how the network will work.

  • In Settings, set whether to show sponsors on account creations ie. who referred the affiliate and can choose the Level Commission Calculation Method to either Dynamic or Simple.


  • In analytics view graphs, for visits made using affiliate links, there are graphs provided both the number of orders, affiliate revenue, and unique visits. The table provides a detailed view of the date, page, affiliate, page views and orders.