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The Marketplace is a curated directory of merchants using GoAffPro. The marketplace tab can be used to set up your store's marketplace listing, for it to be discovered by affiliates registered with the GoAffPro affiliate network.

The marketplace feature is free and your existing affiliates will keep on working independently of the marketplace.

The Icons and Logo option can be used to upload an icon and logo of your store, this will then appear in the marketplace directory.

For the best-looking icons and logos, upload them according to the recommended values are given in the Icons and Logo section.

Listing Details

The Listing Details option can be used to provide information about your store and business. You can also include the benefits in the description that an affiliate will get if they register for your program.

Geo Restriction

In the Geo Restriction option, you can restrict affiliates from applying to your store based on the countries you select.

To allow affiliates from all countries, you can leave the field empty.

Checkout how you can set up your store program's marketplace listing:

pageSetup Marketplace Listing

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