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The Multi Level tab can be used to set up the multi-level affiliate network for the program. In multi-level marketing, existing affiliates can recruit newer affiliates under them. Also, the parent affiliate will earn a network commission on the sales referred by their downlines.
Multi Level
When you enable Multi Level Marketing, your existing affiliates get the ability to recruit newer affiliates under them (downlines).
Multi Level Marketing
To view the network of affiliates in the program, click on See Geneology (Full Network).

Levels and Commissions

In the Levels and Commissions section, you can set the commission rate for each level in the network.
Levels and Commissions
Here, you can select the number of levels and set the network commission for each level.
Levels and Commissions
After selecting the number of levels, and setting the network commission for, click on Save.
Set levels and commissions


In the Playground section, you can test out your multi-level setup and can use it to learn more about it. Click on Open Playground.
Here, you can set the number of affiliates in the network, select the affiliate who referred the sale, set the commission calculation method, set the order value and commission for the sale.
After setting these parameters, you will be able to see how the commission distribution will work for the network.
View commission distribution


In the Settings section, you have various options for customizing the multi-level network.
Here, you have the option to show the sponsor (parent) name on the create account page to the downline. You can set the commission calculation method as Simple or Dynamic.
You also have the option to apply the level (network) commission on sales where the sales (referral) sales are zero. There is also the option to set the MLM availability for affiliates in the program. Additionally, you also get the option to set the downlines as customers of their parents.
There is also an option to set up a recruitment bonus for affiliates.
Multi-Level Marketing tab
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