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Affiliates tab shows you the affiliates that have registered in your affiliate program. Here, you can view the details of affiliates in your program.

Pending Approval

The Pending Approval section shows you the affiliates that have registered and are waiting for your approval.

All Affiliates

In the All Affiliates section, you can view the orders brought in by affiliates, the revenue generated, commissions earned by them, and pending payments.

You can also search for affiliates to view the above statistics, see which affiliates are active, create new affiliates (by clicking on Create New Affiliate), and download affiliate data.

You can check out the information of an affiliate by clicking on their name in the All Affiliate table

Affiliate Page

In the Details tab, you can view personal details, statistics, and relevant actions for any affiliate.

  • In the Details section, you can view information such as the email address of the affiliate, the referral link of the affiliate, and the referral coupon that has been generated for them.

  • In the Statistics section, you can view statistics such as the order made using the affiliate's referral, the revenue that has been generated from the sales made using the affiliate's referral, and the total commissions that the affiliate has earned for his referrals.

  • In the Actions section, you can choose to block or revoke the approval of the affiliate, to stop them from working in the affiliate program. Additionally, you can generate a product link for them, access their dashboard, shorten their referral link and send them an email.

In the Commission section, you can set up the commission rates for the particular affiliate. Here you can set the default commission that has been set for the affiliate and set up special commissions for the affiliate.

To change the Standard commission, click on Change and choose the commission percentage you want to set. Click on OK to save the changes you made.

You can set up special commissions for an affiliate, by clicking on Create Special Commission, you can choose to set up a special commission that will be exclusive to the particular affiliate. You can choose between setting up a product commission, a collection commission, or a fixed commission. After choosing, you can then set the commission rate.

In the Network section, you can set up a multi-level marketing network for the affiliate. Here, you can set the parent or downlines for the affiliate, view their network, level commissions, etc.

In the Sales section, you can view the date of sale, the order number, order amount, commission earned by the affiliate, the status of the sale, and relevant actions. This table will show you the sale information of the particular affiliate. Here, you also have the option to add a sale for an affiliate.

In the Payments section, you can view the affiliate's payment information. Here, you can view the payment method being used to pay the affiliate, total payouts that are payments that have already been made to the affiliate for their referrals, and pending payments which are the payments, yet to be made to the affiliate for their referrals.

In the Payment history section, you can view all the payments that have been made to the affiliate, this includes the date of the payment, the amount paid to the affiliate, payment details such as the mode of payment used, and relevant actions.

In the Transactions section, you can view all the transactions that have been made to the affiliate. Here, you can view the date of the transaction, the type of transaction, the transaction amount, and the affiliate's final account balance after that transaction. There is also an option to add a balance to the affiliate's account.

In the Settings section, you can change the mode of payment for the affiliate, you can also customize the affiliate's referral code. In addition to this, you can also change the password and the email address of an affiliate's account.

In the Profile section, you can edit the profile information of an affiliate, such as the name, phone number, Instagram handle, Twitter handle, Facebook account, and website URL.

If you have enabled the Customer-Affiliate connect feature (from the Settings > Extras section), the Customers section will show up on the affiliate's profile page.

In this section, you can connect a customer to an affiliate using their email address. After the customer is connected to the affiliate, anytime the customer purchases a product in your store, the connected affiliate will get the commission.

You are provided with the option to create a new Customer-Affiliate connection by clicking on the New Link.

In the All Affiliates section, you can also bulk import up to 200 affiliates in one go. You can do this by uploading a correctly formatted CSV file.

To make sure the CSV file you upload is correctly formatted, you can download the sample CSV file and use it to create your bulk import file.

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